The project is a part of Open Studio program supported by Lambeth Council, London UK. In the project general public were invited to an unusual “Vernissage” for Open Studio/House event.

The viewers encountered with an intimate site specific installation which took place in Artist’s own toilet to create a symbolic atmosphere of the famous honour crime against woman, the true incident of Blanche Monnier, Paris in 1901. The toilet wall covered by a large industrially produce lace where a...


The work created here to show the dillemma of dealing with immigration issues layered with witty text. It is a self portrait which has a delibarate mocking intension to the "Selfie-culture" in social media. The image exhibited and collected in a major show "HUMAN RIGHTS? #Migrantes in Italy.

War, war..Project, project....

Installation combined with theatre performance

Details- Wire plug, newspaper, fiber, ceramics, used live model/actor, script based on epic Mahabharata written by Dharambir Bharati

Time- 20 minutes

Space- variable

Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, India 2011


Installation View- Process of monologue

Details- Fiber, wood, wire, plug, newspaper, Kinetic laser 

projection & 15 minutes sound loop.

Time & Space variable

Exhibited at Chitrakut Art Gallery, Kolkata, India 2010

The work is created to pay tribute to the innocents who died of terror attacks in India over a decade. Violence became an unavoidable part of mundane life. The use of violent images in the news channels in everyday life creates a "Terbulent Mind Syndrome". The horrific images becomes a virtual scar in th...

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