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Lets play an I/Eye/Island game

About: Let’s Play an I/EYE/Island Game, a sculptural installation is a genesis of one month visit of the artist to the island group Andaman and Nicobar in the Indian Ocean in 2014.



The bejeweled sea beaches of it as the island group surrounded and formed of the coral reef had a profound impact on her. She started working on a research-based art project after knowing islanders struggling experience of Tsunami in 2004. She began to observe images of coral in Natural History in Europe. She discovered an image depicting a linkage between volcanic age and coral images of the planet. 


During this finding, she became interested in volcano islands, its formation, and ecology. In order to generate a dialogue with the audience about climate change and ecological issues of volcano islands through art, this project was undertaken.



This site-specific public art project created for a three months exhibition named 'I knew who I was' at KTHC with the association of a non-profit organization Free Space Project, UK.



Following, negotiating the guidelines of health and safety rules of the institution and after several alterations with the material and sculpture, it was installed with the presence of the curator and amongst other participant artists.


The first day of the public viewing the work has been removed, altered from the exhibition space without any prior notice. Faintly a conclusion made by the authority that 'the removal has made by an overenthusiastic builder'(!!!)




Following Dadaism, provocation in art and its association with making or choosing of an object and questioning about the established aesthetics in Art history Marcel Duchamp stands out for his provocative work.

 In contemporary art, the practice of provocation is still highly relevant. The work Lets play an I/Eye/Island game a sculpture interactive installation intent to draw attention about threats of climate change and island ecology. Therefore she chose to work with sculpture to pay homage to Duchamp.

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