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Towards ultra violet

Detail: Installation comprising of Wood, the digital image of self-portrait, UV light

Entering into a room, a dark space where light is suspended viewers encounter a vivid green and violet light, like the bejewelled site! By looking around you will find a digital image revealing portraiture embed with text projected on wall crossing a wooden frame leaned on the wall vertically; paired with a UV light lying on the floor.


You try to recognise the image a female appears with a vaporous face eyes covered with swimming goggles, eyes are half visible, a bizarre voyeuristic onlooker, like a spirit standing outside of a window watching you from outside or coming out of the frame getting nearer to you, whispering in your ears “Free the capital...”


You may feel uncanny or laughing inside as your left part of the brain suggests you look into the detail. A UV light lies on the floor, next to the wooden frame as vivid as the flashlight of a camera but subtle to the site which may appear slightly irritating to your eyes.


Your eyes seek rest.

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