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Map your Oxygen

Detail: A Trans-Islandic, live media performance.

 Performed in Wimbledon studio at Wimbledon College of Arts, the UK in 2015


About-The performance begins with Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Macbeth’s soliloquy “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...”. Then a telephone interview with an Islander took place. A person from a remote Island shared his intimate story of death survival from Tsunami through this performance to the audience. The performance ends through a shamanic act where artist transferred herself to Joseph Beuys performance character from 'How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare' 1965, covered her face with honey, gold and silver leaf demanded to plant another 7000 Oak.

Meeting with a stranger : An encounter

During the visit to Andaman and Nicobar Island in December 2014, the artist met a 'Stranger' an islander. That rendezvous was an eye-opening experience for her to learn the living on an island can be very fragile for the Islanders. 

'Stranger' told his survival experience from the Tsunami in 2004. 


Although her main intention was to photograph the marine life and surrounding of the island. 

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