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The project is a part of Open Studio program supported by Lambeth Council, London UK. In the project general public were invited to an unusual “Vernissage” for Open Studio/House event.

The viewers encountered with an intimate site specific installation which took place in Artist’s own toilet to create a symbolic atmosphere of the famous honour crime against woman, the true incident of Blanche Monnier, Paris in 1901. The toilet wall covered by a large industrially produce lace where a text created by a deliberate action of cigarette burn marks to show the scar of domestic violence.

“To create beauty not out of love or liberty, but solitude forever you must live and die in a dungeon”

A found inscription from a film still from the 1993 documentary, "Michel Foucault: Beyond Good and Evil". In the film, described a short story by Hervé Guibert which recounts the true story of Blanche Monnier, The Séquestrée Poitiers, who was imprisoned naked in a filthy room by her mother for her whole life. In the documentary, the narrator says that when authorities found her in 1901, they found this inscription on the wall.

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