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About #unblockyourdream

Detail - A site specific drawing installation with participation of 45 artists /students of Wimbledon College of Arts. 

Size and Dimension – Variable

A drawing project initiated for a week exhibition at Corridor Gallery of Wimbledon College of Arts to experiment drawing/illustration/inscription in the form of case studies with reminiscences of the dream. This could be seen as an erratic surreal dialogue between artist/s and viewers/participants.


At the first day of the exhibition, the 1st year and final year students of MFA have been invited, they were requested to participate in the project in order to install literally drawing/illustrating/inscribing their memories of dreams to the site (The corridor wall). A box of dry pastel was provided at the site.


The work began with a figurative drawing of the artist (me), a graphic image indicating a rabbit or a male human figure. Next day on the wall I found an inscription with the secret wish to meet pop stars; I did document that using a digital still camera.


In the middle of the week, I did observe there was not enough enthusiasm from my fellow colleagues.


Then a random invitation was made at the College; some of the BFA department students shown their interest to participate, although some stated that they hardly had any memories to share. However, 17 people participated in the drawing project some used their preferable media such as spray-paint or watercolour. As a result, the wall got filled with the illustrations and inscriptions of personal interpretations of memoirs of the dream.


The project ends with photo documentation of each drawing/inscription and a personal archive of the artist, a record of dream memories as a case study.


Later some images were published on social media sites without the prior acquiescence of the participants and without proper credits.

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