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Sudipta Modi is an Indian artist based in London whose work employs tenacious experimentation of theatricality and cinematic languages in art. 


For her latest series ‘Mostly I want a garden now’ she looked into photographs of nuclear explosions and the formation of mushroom clouds. She uses found photo-images and arranges them with her own ‘Bathing- Selfies’. Photomontages then construct an immortal vision from the raw materials.


The colours for this series are inspired by polar lights which are indicative of the limitations of human civilization in the cosmic world.


The images of those explosions have become a cliché; shock, terror and awe have faded into a mild surprise. 


She reflects, “The supreme deterrent, once romanticized, now co-exists as an immortal element. The human search for immortality has led to technological archaeology that is contra-nature; it waits a million years to be discovered.” 


She received an MFA from Wimbledon College of Arts, University Arts London, studied for an MA in Theatre and Mass Communication from Rabindra Bharati University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Calcutta University, India.


She collaborated with theatre actors, fine artists, street musicians, and live-media performance with native islanders to save the coral reef; also worked on new-media installations. Her installations comprise kinetic laser light, voice-over scripts, drawings, photo images, videos, scripted performances, and painting which create a multifarious narrative of time-lapse of cultural histories. 

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