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Installation View- Process of monologue

Details- Fiber, wood, wire, plug, newspaper, Kinetic laser

projection & 15 minutes sound loop.

Time & Space variable

Exhibited at Chitrakut Art Gallery, Kolkata, India 2010

The work is created to pay tribute to the innocents who died of terror attacks in India over a decade. Violence became an unavoidable part of mundane life. The use of violent images in the news channels in everyday life creates a "Terbulent Mind Syndrome". The horrific images becomes a virtual scar in the mind: The Fear of loosing the loved one became artist's inner voice, part of her "Self"even when she was not directly harmed.

In the project artist used her own voice to create a mimic conversation to criticise the technological advancement as she ponders if the technolgy could have used for betterment of human society than a destructional implementation.

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