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Bad Culture (Must read Junk, Pop)

Often I remember mesmerising visuals from my girlhood.

I imagine myself that I am a child again, playing with film cuts, watching the projection room, the set up of a lens onto the huge projection machine, and the play of light and shadow on a large screen where those projected dancing lights come alive and tell me stories.

My strong interest in theatre and film is not new. I grew up in a family - my mother’s family who used to run a movie theatre hall.

My parents forbade me watching films. They thought pop movies were made for grownups, inappropriate to watch and could leave an unconstructive impact on a child’s mind.

As a practicing artist working with studio based traditional media like painting and drawing often a haunted thought crosses my mind that how I could work with those elements such as pop, junk imageries, to transfer the nuts and bolts of so-called ‘bad culture’ into my visual practice.

I started looking at these media such as ‘light, sound, camera....’ Today this plays an imperative role in my work.

In my installations I use projected images based on traditional studio practice, light suspended environment, and sculpture as theatrical props, and sometimes scripted performances. 

In short I am a storyteller, who is also a producer and maker.

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